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This game hit a spot that made me feel very uneasy but comforted in the weirdest way... I loved the unique claymation art style, it was an innocent puzzle game but the lonely claustrophobic and mucky atmosphere really put me on edge, in a good way. This game made me feel things I couldn't really put into words, you have to play it yourself to really get a feel for it. 10/10


Just played it again, it has aged well ❤️


i love this. i love gob

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Love the style of the demo.

I have to ask one question, I want to make sure my game isn't bugged out. Every time I find the grabber tool in the grate I get stuck there. None of the buttons do anything. All I can do is either open the phone, or look at the items I'm carrying. I can't leave and go to another screen? Escape pulls up the phone and spacebar does nothing. It soft locks me every time. Am I missing something obvious, or is it bugged?

Edit: I found it, I didn't realize the perspective had shifted!

I very much like the mechanics of Q/E, & the rest of the controls, they are fun.

I also like to think of Gobs shirt collar as a part of his mouth.

Very cool visual and sound design. I like the minimalistic interface and the general mood of the game.

I didn't like the mechanics of QE, especially the throwing away of items. The idea is good, but the implementation is not very good. I don’t like that there is a risk of accidentally pressing E (out of habit, like interaction in other games) and losing an item somewhere in a dark place along the way, then you will have to look for it all over the map. Once I caught a bug: I dropped it in an inaccessible place, couldn’t pick it up and had to restart the game.

IMHO If the game does not use the mechanics of dropping an item to solve puzzles, then it is better to remove it completely. Perhaps it’s better to let the items be collected in the inventory which can be opened with “tab” (instead of the space bar, as now), and with the help of QE they are not thrown onto the floor but simply scrolled through, and when you hold Q or E they are hidden in your pocket.

Nice Game! grats from Chile!


Beautiful game! One bug to report running on windows 11, it has this strange desire to kick itself out of being the active window. At first I thought I was just boned but then found that if after clicking it active I perfectly nailed the timing of clicking and holding lmb right as the window expanded it would stay active. Switching away from the game required doing the whole click-of-war thing to get it to stay active again when I switched back.

The only gameplay criticism I have is that everything was just a little too low-contrast. All of the few difficulties I had revolved around just plain not being able to see stuff.

15 minutes and i fell in love with this game.

Великолепная игра. Мне очень нравится такой визуальный стиль, совмещающий мультяшность и реалистичные обьекты и материалы. Этим игра и привлекла. К управлению нужно немного привыкнуть, и полноценно все понял только после того как зашел в меню (хотелось бы небольшой туториал).

Момент с монеткой очень рассмешил)) Ты смотришь на нее, она смотрит на тебя....

Enchanting diorama of cute-grunge aesthetics. Count on my support for a full release. 

pls make for mac!¡


Классная игра, похожа чем-то на Neverhood. Прикольный визуальный стиль и концепция - полное отсутствие слов и поиска предметов с помощью мышки (было бы трудно искать их курсором в таком пластилиновом стиле фонов). Весь смысл игры - соединять и разъединять предметы, которые Гоб может брать в обе руки. 
Единственный минус - игра пока что очень коротенькая, первое прохождение заняло у меня 5 минут, а второе около одной минуты. Но ставлю пять звезд в надежде на продолжение

I love this game so much, what a special experience

it would be a crime to not finish this game and i would report you to the police!! please finish!!!

amazing game, cant wait for future updates

Really loved your game! Im not gonna lie that the first puzzle really had me stuck LOL While the game was short it reminded me so much of watching cashbox on an early Saturday. Thanks to brining me back to those simple times! Really hope to see a full release of gob eventually! Hope you also enjoy the art I made of your character :D


Posting again how much i loved the demo and would love a whole game like this


This was one of the coolest puzzle games I've ever played. It's just the perfect amount of creepy and mysterious that it scratches all the right itches. The ambiance, the art, the style, the game mechanics, the lack of narrative, and even the puzzles themselves were very well made in my opinion. I give the demo an outstanding 8/10 and I can't wait to play the full release, I absolutely will be doing so.

This whips! Excited to see how you expand on the world and story :}


Posting here again to say I am still excited for this and hope your still working on it!

Insane and beautiful, excellent work! I'll waiting for more content.

Give me moreeee!


Great game, loved the artstyle. 8/10

This was a really fun adventure game. Keep up the great work!

Living in the sewers is amazing.

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Interesting game. Loved the graphics and the simplicity. There are also some unique design choices that I liked, like the phone as the main menu. However, the controls are not very well communicated, at least in my opinion. Like, with the combination control, for example, I didn't know that it also acted also as a disassembly control.

Other than that, this game seems to have a lot of potential!

Certified GOB moment

9/10, amazing demo

Will there ever be a release for Mac computers? I really want to play this game.

Try bootcamp, it's a built in windows emulator. 

Really loved the demo and how this game looks


This game is honestly amazing, it has some fresh air of what we've been having lately in the gaming ambient and its feeling (At least in the hands of someone who likes point-and-click, terror and the creepy atmospheric in general) is super good. It surprised me how well it introduces you to the game ambient and world, it was instant connection, the main menu is gorgeous and as someone else said here,it immediately sells you what kind of world we're about to dive into. 

I only have two things to mention:

1.) at the stairs part, over the vending machine, when you are about to climb down if you use "Space" or the view button (In my case i was playing with controller it was the "A" button (Xbox 360 controller)) it will show the item/s in your hands and immediately after you stop watching at the item/s gob will slide down stairs.

2.) I would like a "how to play" I know it may ruin the immersion a little bit but it took me a good 15 to 20 minutes to figure out that i could put things together and drop them to the floor.

Other than that, and as I said before, the game is amazing and it's something I am really looking into when it's complete. I can't wait <3333


Loved it and am insanely excited for the finished game :) though I have a couple things that I feel should be considered when going through the development of the rest of the game, I'll try to word it how I discovered things chronologically before kinda summarizing it at the end

(for clarification I did not know there was gonna be more to this project and that this was a demo. I straight up did not read a thing and just immediately downloaded and delved in which kinda altered the way I played and perceived the game... also note its like 6:30AM and my brain is not functional atm, my memory of this like 10-15 minute experience is already slipping through my fingers but I hope this message is understandable and regardless)

The intro/"title" screen is amazing, I love the simplicity, It immediately sells what kind of world you're gonna be diving into and how you should interact with it which is perfect, no complaints there

The first room, like everything else in this gem's absolutely gorgeous. I woke up and was a bit confused at the controls, but eventually started walking around and interacting with stuff. I checked out the fridge and had no idea what was wrong with it, same with the door (which I assumed was locked). I think that if you're going to have a world full of beautiful narsty grime you should make sure that the grime of which is essential to ingame progression REALLY pop out (the stupidity of the gamer is a sight to behold... like my goofy ass originally assumed the ice on the fridge was some kind of mucus or goop for some reason, as the general moldy  vibe of the whole room and the fact that the lower parts of fridges don't get cold enough to make ice IRL made me think some snail just slimed that shit up or the food inside got so rotten it started splurting out at the seams,) 

Small issue but definitely something I feel should be kept in mind

I then messed with the door and upon realizing it couldn't be opened walked down the stairs to the washroom. The stairway down is absolutely beaudiful, every part of this dudes domicile stings my nostril in just the right way. 

I checked the strange ornament on the sink and assumed it was the food that the dude was trying to get to (not on anyone, just my own silliness) and began interacting with other stuff.

I picked up the lighter and checked the toilet, unsure of its purpose. I then walked back up and tried to figure out what to do.

It took me a while to melt the ice off, it took me a REAL long time to figure out that there was something under the table. 

I didn't know there were any controls beyond walking and interacting with stuff and only figured that out when I tried to exit the game assuming I fucked something up then discovering the gobpod touch, finally getting a look at the controls of the game.

(I think that a way to remedy the fact the player doesn't know they have it on them is have the main character pick up the phone from the side of his bed or something before standing up and being able to interact with the world,)

The phones UI and general look is awesome, and the controls menu is very concise in showing how things work, I messed around with switching items after learning things could be combined, accidentally dropping them in places that made them hard to see without the presence of the floating hand. This could be an issue but I might just be reaching as the hand symbol is very helpful. 

I feel the controls with picking things up and dropping them is a little bit finicky, I got a little bit annoyed with it at times but got the hand of it after realizing the Q and E buttons are for each hand. the zoom in for the items was a bit annoying as well but the gorgeous models more than make up for it

After that I crawled around a bit while stuck, unsure of what to do. I tried crawling under the table but it didn't seem to work until my friend who was playing alongside with me actually confirmed it was possible and required in order to progress. 

It was a little bit frustrating, I feel its a very tight squeeze and can upset people trying to find, also there's really no indication there's anything of importance under it that would be worth investigating. This made me assume that there was some weird fucked up way to combine the lighter and the straw-less wd40 can in order to burn down the door or light up the toilet, just absolute out of the box stuff when the solution was right under my nose.

Anyways, after finicking around I managed to put the straw on the can and sprayed the rust off the door that I didn't even know was there when trying to combine it with everything because I was initially unsure why the door couldn't be opened in the first place. When interacting with it the largest most promiment part is the door knob, which doesn't have a lockhole making me think I was trapped in there by some malicious individual or something silly, I really wasn't sure because that definitely isn't the vibe the games going for. I think the rusty part should have more reds or greens in order to help differentiate it from everything else because it did not render in my brain whatsoever

After being stuck in there for a while, finally managing to get outside was a really nice feeling, the art is, like every other part absolutely fantastic and made me really excited to explore. I attempted to walk to the left but the chair got in the way and I assumed it was one of those goofy ass invisible wall situations so I went the other way to the locked door and got fucked up for another couple minutes, I think I went back and kept checking the toilet and messing with the sink ornament (which I now realize is actually a piggy bank) until I found out you could actually get past it.

I climbed down and interacted with the vending machine, attempting to type in the codes assuming money wasn't a concept in this dimension until I gave up and through desperation investigated the single pixel of light in the corner obtaining the key from the beautiful lil kitty candle. My only gripe with it is its not really a puzzle, as you'll (probably, unless dropped somewhere and forgotten) have the lighter on you regardless and won't need to do much searching around in order to progress but that doesn't really matter. I feel you gotta have the hunt in order to make discovering a new item satisfying if that makes sense

(also, you'd just be able to pick up a candle nearby to light the kitty one making the lighter redundant)

After that I did pretty much everything smoothly without getting clogged until I dropped the coin in the gutter. I NOTICED the symbols but didn't think much of it until my friend unintentionally hinted towards its significance. Inputting it in the vending machine was really great, I mentally associated the symbols with numbers based on the content of their shape in order to remember what it was on the long arduous journey to the machine right next to it... I crawled into that hole in the wall with a happy lil smile on my face. Genuinely a really great game and I'm beyond hyped to see how you manage to pave the rest of the world, the part where you can see faint glimpses of the natural world outside has got me insanely excited,


- It'd be nice if the main character picked up the phone before standing up, making the player aware they have it in their possession (yeah they'll find out about it eventually but yknow quality of life)

- Grime of which is important for puzzle purposes should stand out more and be generally eye catching, as it can be hard to figure out what the mystery of a couple of screens actually is

- It can be easily assumed that the table cannot be crouched under, though that could just be on me

- It can be difficult to get by the chair, possibly making the player assume there's an invisible wall/ it leads nowhere resulting in them wasting time looking for other solutions

- picking stuff up and dropping it can be finicky,

- erm.. sprint buttons kinda pointless as there's no reason I'd want to miss out on staring at such gorgeous areas

- The button you press to inspect an item should be the button that makes it so you stop inspecting the item, as pressing esc is a bit annoying whenever I accidentally press e or q

The only glitch I really encountered was this strange visual effect that'd happen where the particle effects would enlarge and become extremely high contrast random colours, here's a vid of it happening.

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I loved the art style and the physical interaction of mashing items together / ripping them apart, but I found the gameplay a little bit frustrating.

For me, a lot of the puzzles fell into the category of "I don't know why I'm doing this, but it's the only thing I can do right now" (e.g. lighting the candle to get the key or knocking the yellow thing off the shelf to get the coin) which I didn't find very satisfying.

I also found the environments quite busy and had a bit of difficulty seeing what was passable and what wasn't (I didn't initially realise I could get by the shopping trolley, for example).

Absolutely beautiful game, refreshing puzzle game that actually has puzzles. Do you accept fan translations?

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