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After a deep slumber, a trip to the vending machine spirals into an unintentional journey underground.

Play as Gob to solve the puzzles of your messy home and trudge through the unseen corners of a cavernous tunnel network. Mash things together, break them apart, and observe the environment to get yourself back home.


  • Unique hand-painted artwork
  • Point and click mechanics, without the pointing and clicking
  • Wordless design.

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorgamma girl
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, 3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Experimental, Exploration, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract to play application.


Gob_GammaGirl.zip 305 MB


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I haven't played the game yet. but just looking at it brings me so much nostalgia. Props to you my friend!

Instant classic

Deleted 7 days ago

press q+e while holding both items

Deleted 7 days ago

REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smilingemojiclipart.png

This game has so much charm!!

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one!


Holy crap this game looks good. There's literally nothing like this on itch, I play this demo 5 times now just to scrutinize the environmental design, textures, and that scrolling grid effect that gives a semblance of squirming movement to the filth. Would it be possible for you to outline your process? Or at least what sort of software you are using for these environments?

It's simple and difficult

This is super charming. I love how you have made the environment messy/squalid without it being visually confusing for the player. The only thing I'd personally change would be for the icon to be selected on the selection screen to be highter/brighter rather than duller/dimmer, but that might just be me.


Claymation Rules!!

gives me The Neverhood vibes

In the short time I've been playing this game, I can only say that it's amazing. Its aesthetics, the environment and the art that composes it are sensational. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to its second installment

quickest gameplay speed run through gob 8 minutes and 31 seconds by the way the game is awesome and can't wait for more keep up the good work

honestly this reminded me of oddworld abe's oddysee idk why lol XD great game

the rough fluid atmospheric searching within confines explains an unreal quandary features of home exploration within proximity to sewer vending carbonated symbols

the gob is goober gobbling ghastly doughy frazzle of exceptional artistic prose jumping with animations within these short moments of elucidation

further hypothetical process improvement exceptionally queried as longer play induces smashing deliverance of results

Really enjoyed this, loved the atmosphere and overall world feel around it. Found one bug relating to the ladder where i inspected the coin while climbing down and Gob simply clipped through the floor but his shadow stayed.


Hi!! I REALLY love this demo. I love the phone, its so chunky and otherworldly and mysterious! And the atmosphere of the sewer area is phenomenal. Great attention to detail everywhere! Gob is such a funny little man

One bug I'd like to report a minor visual bug. While climbing down the ladder to get to the vending machine, if you pull up your phone/look at an item in hand then press escape to put away your phone/item, Gob's animation freezes and he slides down the ladder rather quickly. Thats all for bugs! :)

I really can't wait to see what more you do with the game. I love the Neverhood-ish vibes!! Keep it up!! :)


Oh! And I have to ask, is gob wearing a scarf like thing or is that the other half of his head? :O

The art is great! this reminds me I need to play that steam release of Garage : Bad Dream Adventure lol

Full Demo NO Commentary 

I guess I was to stupid for the puzzles, but the unique style was a joy nonetheless. Keep it Up!

Welp what can I say this game is straight fire! Art style and innovative! I love the point and click without point and clicking! The combining and all that of that! Great concept, and innovative! Thanks for sharing! Check out my gameplay!

This Game was absolutely amazing, when will the full game be released, I will buy it, and play through it on my channel! I Love it! I followed! Did a video on this game!

Just saw ManlyBadassHero's video on this, and I love it. Super impressed by what you've got so far.

My friends call my Gob as a nickname so when i saw this game i knew i had to play it. To  bad i'm really dumb and couldn't figure it out.

New favourite game. I love Gob I love Gob 

Amazing art style, and loved the weirdness of it all. Really really enjoyed this one. I want more of Gob!

Hi! I really want to play this game, but when I open it up it leads me to a black screen and opens SteamVR. I've tried closing SteamVR and preventing it from activating, but the screen still stays black.. Please help !! 

I loved the demo in Spectral Mall! I NEED to know, is it pronounced GOBB or JOBE?

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 13:45 (if you only want to see this game). Had some weird issues with SteamVR though. Best of luck with the development!

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Looks amazing, find a way to show the player the controls in the beginning to reduce possible frustrations. 


really enjoying this! is there any way to change the resolution? my pc is not that great and it's very laggy for me with it's default reso. thanks for all your hard work on this!

good game, waiting for more :)


Please fix the softlock of throwing things into the pit with some wall detection

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This is unbelievably good - when I played, I felt like I was in a dream. Also, kudos for making the 3D character-model look like a little puppet made of clay. Really looking forward to seeing what you artists do going forward :)

This game is really pretty, fun and creepy.


please don't listen to anyone saying this is too cryptic. when i tried using the triggers and figured out that they are gob's hands and tried to press both at the same time to combine items and it worked i felt like a wizard. 

best game design i've seen all year. fu&%ing elden ring didn't manage to surprise me like that. 

thank you for treating players like curious children! me and my gf were able to completely immerse ourselves into this beautiful world you've created. adventure games usually bore me but this is stellar! Can't wait to throw money at this!

I really love the aesthetic. Clay motion is very charming and so nostalgic. Gob is a great surprise.


This game is awesome! The grungy clay aesthetic of the art is so appealing, and the titular Gob is such a has a great design. I think the only qualm I have is the game might be a little too cryptic for its own good sometimes. I like the no text or dialogue approach but it makes it hard to figure out what to do. Only after looking up you can crawl and fuse objects together did I figure out what to do. I noticed all the controls are actually in the phone menu, and I think that if the game started with you mapping controls through that, it would better introduce the mechanics. That being said, I did manage to complete the game, and I'm VERY much looking forward to more in the future.


Played this through the Haunted Demo collection. Really liked it. Took my a bit to figure out the controls, like using items in my hands. Personally not a fan of that filter though, Feels like it's hiding this Awesome setting and the details in the world. Overall though, can't wait to see a full game.


Looks amazing!

I'm stuck with the coin puzzle, what to do?

the grate on the floor has glyphs which you type into the vending machine

Heh, I was wondering for what those glyphs are for, didn't think about using the vending machine for that. Thanks for the hint.

This is my favorite game on itch.io, I'm exited to play again!

Thank you! There is a big refresh coming soon.

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